Into the Minds


- Little Hotch Moment: 6.07 Middle Man

Hotch isn’t just naturally being great father.  He makes an effort to show his son his love and compassion and understanding.  I love that fact.  Because Hotch knows love and understanding aren’t just conveyed.  Love and understanding need an effort.  Especially when you have demanding job and you aren’t be there all the time.  Hotch knows it, maybe from his childhood.  From his failed marriage.  From his job.  He has seen hundreds of broken families and lost children through his job.  So Hotch makes an effort to make sure Jack knows he is loved by his father.  And here, Hotch talked with sheriff Salters not as a profiler but as a father.  He didn’t dismiss the sheriff.  He didn’t criticize.  He talked with compassion and understanding and encouragement for sheriff because he knew how easily things could go wrong even though you love your child and family.   And it’s not the end because Chris was alive.  And there were quiet connection between the two in the end.

I love this scene.