Into the Minds


- Little Hotch Moment: 8.10 The Lesson

So, some scenes are disturbing (I couldn’t see, TBH) and, although I admit it was beautiful, it is a bit unsettling for me to feel MGG’s enjoyment of creating and showing human marionette scene and just how creepy the unsub is.  But like I said before, I liked this episode much more than last MGG directed episode.  Last episode, it was like “yeah, I get that the unsub is creepy, so what?”.  But this episode, I could actually feel for the unsub.  That’s what I liked about the episode.

And this last scene.  How unsettled Hotch looked seeing how far the unsub had gone in his delusion.  It is probably nothing significant about it was Hotch in this last scene, but for me, it was significant.  Because Hotch is the one who could feel by heart that how desperate it is to want to go back the time and save love one.   How desperate to wish result were different.  And seeing the evidence just how far human can go with that desperation is….  it must be so sad and unsettling.  Even though he is happy now.  There was the time when he had that desperation and part of him still wish.  

I wish there was post-case conversation at the end.  I want to know how they felt about the episode. I love team bonding and personal moments, but, I wish there is post-case conversation in each episode like there used to be.  They used to often have both post-case conversation and team bonding/personal moments in the end.  And for me, post-case conversation, to know how they feel about the case, is what makes the case richer and more human and more interesting to watch.